Creator/Star NICOLE J. BUTLER Takes Over the White House in New Original Digital Comedy Series ‘SISTER PRESIDENT’ Premiering Online July 1, 2020

LOS ANGELES (June 24, 2020) – Creator and star Nicole J. Butler is Black, female and running the country as she takes over the White House in the new original digital comedy series, SISTER PRESIDENT. Season One will binge-release all 7 episodes on July 1st on The Live True Project YouTube channel.

SISTER PRESIDENT centers around Shona Washington (Butler) and her sister Kitara (Michelle N. Carter), who find themselves in a complex and unexpected situation with undesirable consequences for failure. After criticizing the President of the United States at a virtual town hall meeting, the quietly-intelligent Shona and her outspoken sister Kitara, are challenged by the current President to run the country. The only catch is at the end of six months, their approval rating must be 10 points higher than his, or they both go to prison for the duration of his term.

The series serves-up serious, real-life issues with a side of humor. It is an expression of love for culture and country, and an admonishment to meet opportunity head-on, however imperfectly.

To help her get this depiction of Black Girl Magic at the helm of America off the ground, Butler brought in a diverse team including Imagen Award nominee and award-winning DGA director Joe Camareno. After creating the pilot episode, she launched a successful crowdfunding campaign and gained not only funding, but also the momentum to finish the entire first season. The series is the inaugural project produced by Butler under her The Live True Project, Inc banner.

Now, Butler is excited and empowered to share SISTER PRESIDENT with a wide audience, explaining “In 2017, I didn't like what I saw happening to my country, nor to the US political system. I, along with other people, expressed feelings of powerlessness. Then I remembered that the pen is, indeed, mightier than the sword. As an artist I have the ability AND responsibility to create work that spotlights what I see around me. As a citizen, I have the right to do so.”

Chicago-raised and Hawkeye-educated, Butler has been working consistently on both sides of the camera and stage for the past 15 years. Though widely-known as “She Shed Cheryl” from State Farm’s viral “She Shed” spot, she has appeared in over 100 TV shows, indie films and commercials, including Space Force, Unbelievable, GLOW, Superstore, The Big Bang Theory, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Her talents have received attention and acclaim landing her press coverage in HuffPost, CNN,, The Hollywood Reporter, The Chicago Sun-Times, FOX LA, WGN Radio and Backstage.


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