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Dreams of Mommy Greatness Breeds Misadventures in New Original Comedy Series ‘THE MOM LIST’

Premiering Online Beginning February 28, 2018

NEW YORK (February 13, 2018) – Dreams of ‘Mommy greatness’ breeds homegrown misadventures in the new original comedy series, THE MOM LIST. Releasing on Facebook beginning February 28th, this 7-episode series is the brain-child of Actress/Creator/Mother Elena Melener.


THE MOM LIST follows two overzealous and self-sabotaging Moms, Liz (Melener) and Molly (Melody Fadness), who aspire to achieve ‘Mommy greatness’ with the help of a locally famous parenting guru. The bestie Mommies are tasked with completing a list of daily activities, known as ‘The Mom List’, as a way of becoming more connected and present – so their kids will be less likely to become drug addicts or serial killers. Of course, exercising while drinking margaritas and screaming affirmations at your child from the car is probably not what the guru intended. Can these Moms-on-a-mission ever expand their horizons beyond Motherhood and margaritas? Only time and a few misadventures can tell.


Releasing under her Noodles On The Wall Productions banner, THE MOM LIST marks the first time Melener has ventured into writing, directing and producing. The project was shot entirely on location in Nyack, New York and to help get things done she brought in rising Director of Photography Alexa Wolf and veteran TV Composer and Executive Producer Glenn Schloss (The View and Megyn Kelly Presents). Melener also assembled a talented cast to join her on-screen, including Julie Finefrock, Andrew Lazaroff, Gladys Perez and Christopher Mackrides.


After pulling back from her career to have three children, Melener was looking to return to the industry in a big way but wasn’t sure where to start. Melener shares, “That’s when I met my co-star, Melody Fadness, who was in the same boat. Then, something clicked for me and I thought returning to the business doesn’t have to be so hard. I’m a Mom for goodness sakes – one of the hardest roles anyone could ever play. So, I wrote about what I know and crafted a character I wanted to play. What came out was The Mom List – essentially I gave birth to another baby, but in a less painful way.”


Born in Spain and raised in New Jersey, Melener has built a solid resume as a voice-over artist in recent years. She has lent her talents to numerous TV and radio projects for Nickelodeon, National Geographic, Fisher Price, MTV, PBS and many more. She is best known for voicing Snuggle the Bear from the Snuggle Fabric Softener advertising campaign and Robot Reba on the kids show, The Backyardigans. Melener earned a BFA in Musical Theater at SUNY Fredonia and has studied with some of the top coaches and studios in the business.


Currently, Melener is finishing up as director and editor of the docu-series A Drink & Drum Story, highlighting the drum circle scene in Nyack, NY and the positive effects of rhythm on communities. Also coming soon, she will be releasing the new animated short, The Story of Pluckaploo, which she co-wrote, co-produced and voices.


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