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The Finest Spray on Coating in Honolulu at Lava Lining

Talk about spray coating in Honolulu for vans, jeeps and trucks, Lava Lining started it all. Lava Lining can make that bold claim and coat your vehicle to ensure rustproofing. Spray Foam Insulation is another specialty, all designed to protect your ride. It’s one thing to spend on accessories and another thing on a necessity. Protection of your so-called wheels is a must.

Nobody has had more experience in the field than Lava Lining technicians. When it comes to that invisible protection you must have for your valuable investment, your vehicle, Lava Lining has what it takes. Whether it’s spray coating or spray foam insulation in Honolulu, HI, they are the guys you run to and nobody else. Lava Lining has outlasted the competition, still around, and here to stay.

There have been many major companies in the same business in Hawaii, but they have come and gone. In the case of Lava Lining, they are here to stay. They have made sure of this by working hand-in-hand with two of the largest sources of coating material in the country. This allows their enterprise to provide the kind of service you need at very competitive rates.

Lava Lining’s brand of spray coating has remained first-rate and charged at the same reasonable price you would have to pay for a job well done. “It’s not the same rate, of course, but it remains practical after two decades and the service remains top-notch.” Lava Lining didn’t say that, a regular customer did, one that is highly satisfied as you can see.

Not only is Lava Lining the originators of spray-on lining, but they also have over 35 years of experience in the business and contributed to several tool inventions that make lining what it is today. Lava Lining dare say that there is no other shop in The Aloha State that comes close to their expertise. Spray foam insulation is one more notch in their service belt that they are particularly proud to provide.

Hideous truck beds? Rusted up jeeps and pickups? Vans that badly need reliable insulation? Not a problem if you bring your problem to Lava Lining as these are job descriptions that are right up their alley. Just drive your wheels over to them so they could give it a once over and they can give you our diagnosis on how they can best help you.

Lava Lining has been at this for generations and they guarantee their valued customers the kind of service they expect and they deserve. Spray coating in Honolulu? Lava Lining is here for you. Spray foam insulation? You can count on them too. And, naturally, their work is backed by nearly four decades of reliable service. You cannot get it any better than that.

You might want to guard yourself against using DIY kits. This is just not the way to go, seriously. You will eventually have to come to Lava Lining anyway to correct what you have done. You will be led to believe that you can do it for a ridiculously toned-down amount of so much. It will turn out you have been given an estimate that is too low to jack up the value of the advice.

DIY kits doesn’t take into account the time consumed and effort spent by its buyers when the sales pitch is done. It’s not part of the equation and yet it’s an integral part of what needs to be calculated to determine if a product is indeed worth the precious dollars you spend on it.

Do it right, be done with it, and be happy. Think spray coating. Come to Lava Lining. Their work doesn’t add unnecessary weight to your jeep, van or truck. Forget that myth of over 220 kilos extra heaviness that your vehicle will now be saddled with. There will be talks about it being brittle and will eventually chip or will fade or will be hard to clean. Not true on all counts.

For that and spray foam insulation in Honolulu, HI, there really is only one place to drive to. Lava Lining has been around longer than any of their competitors and they have managed to survive these many decades because of the quality of their service. Check them out at 1034 Queen Street, Honolulu, HI. Online, you can go to or write us at You may also call us at 808-227-7700 to know more.