Makers of the 'Big Boy' honored at the One Eyed Buffalo on Saturday

(Thermopolis, Wyo.) - The "Big Boy Party" at the One Eyed Buffalo Brewing was held on Saturday in celebration of the buffalo coat made by Merlin's Hide Out right here in our very own Thermopolis, Wyoming. The makers of the buffalo hides, Barb and Merlin Heinze of Merlin's Hide Out as well as Tonia Oliver, formerly of Merlin's Hide Out, were there to celebrate with the community at the One Eyed Buffalo. Hot springs County Library staff said the evening was full of fun stories from Barb and Merlin Heinze about the movie business. They also added, "We all saw a great movie which expanded beyond the typical western as it forged new territory for the genre with classic Tarantino dialogue and cinematography. Of course, The Big Boy stole the show among some great costumes." [image: 12509498_921840857864936_745715036246928430_n.jpg][image: 68236_921840617864960_5755735627083482725_n.jpg][image: 1415160_921841557864866_6477531431145505927_o.jpg] *Photos courtesy of Hot Springs County Library / Pitchengine Communities* #springcity #news