Canyon Crash Cleaned Up; Guardrail repair to begin early in the week

The semi-truck loaded with sugar that crashed through a long-length of guardrail and ended up next to the river in the Wind River Canyon has been removed. The crash occurred late Thursday night. The last debris was cleaned up on Saturday after the big rig was recovered from a steep slope next to the River. Repair of the some 500 feet of guardrail torn up in the crash will begin early this week, according to WYDOT's guardrail repair contractor. The crash happened at Windy Point. [image: Inline image 1] A motorist headed south from Worland, James Thorpe, made his two-hour wait while the 18-wheeler was being pulled back onto the roadway pass the time by taking a few photos of the recovery effort. [image: Inline image 2] Thanks James! *Feature Photo: Lifting a portion of the big rig back to the roadway. (James Thorpe / Pitchengine Communities)* To submit a photo, a news tip, a birth announcement or a calendar item, click here. #springcity #county10 #reboot #news #springcity #county10 #reboot #news