It's rock slide season inside the Wind River Canyon: be alert

Wyoming Department of Transporation maintenance vehicles were inside the Wind River Canyon this morning at 5 a.m. (mile post 122) cleaning up a rock slide. (Photo above is from a major landslide last year) "This is the time of year when you can expect a lot of that," said WYDOT District 5 Public Information Officer Cody Beers. "I've been told that due to the lengthening days, and more sunlight on the sides of the canyon, the freeze-thaw cycle is accelerated. The ground is moving up there with that expansion and contraction all the time and that's what causes the rockfalls," he said. Frequent visitors to the WYDOT Road and Travel service will know that there's usually an exclamation point over the canyon highway that denotes falling rock. *Feature Photo: A major landslide occurred during 2015 in the Wind River Canyon after a lengthy rain storm hung over the area. This is the season for rock falls in the canyon, due to the freeze-thaw cycle. (WYDOT /