Thermop's 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament moving out of downtown

*Posted today by Hot Springs County High School's Predator:* (Thermopolis, Wyo.) - The 2016 Thermopolis 3 on 3 basketball tournament will be different than previous years. The High school Booster Club will be sponsoring it instead of the chamber of commerce. This event will fund sports in the high school and will be held in the High School parking lot. The 3 on 3 will be on May 28th and 29th and it will have more official court monitors. Also the courts will have a better layout. The divisions will be by age to make it more fair. It will also be more family friendly. The whole family can go out, have fun, and enjoy what this year’s 3 on 3 competition has to offer. [image: Inline image 2] Since the Bobcat Booster club will be putting on the 3 on 3, other, non-athletic school activities will be able to earn money through concessions at 3 on 3. The other funds that come through from 3 on 3 will be used to help the school athletic programs. “I like how all the money will fund school athletics programs. it will benefit me in all the sports that I do.” Alex Jensen, Junior, said “I’m glad to see that there will be more officials at this year’s 3 on 3. Im interested to see if placing the courts in a new area will help with traffic and detours that often come with 3 on 3 being held on Broadway.” Brett Nicodemus, Junior said. *Feature Photo: Raylee Nipper, Lindsay Harris and Conner Lebeau of Lander are pictured playing in a semi-final game downtown Thermopolis. This year's 3 on 3 tournament is moving to the HSC High School Parking Lot. (Karen Nipper / Pitchengine Communities) * #springcity #county10 #news