New Gallery Art Show now open in Thermopolis

(Thermopolis, Wyo.) - A new exhibit in Thermopolis, Brendan Liam: "Art from the Apocalypse" opened yesterday and will be available through the end of the month. Brendan Liam, Laramie, does not call himself an artist. He likes the term "Scientartist," or better yet, "Accidentalist," because, as he explains, "Life is full of surprises, and sometimes I get lucky." Liam is the featured artist for the month of February at Flying Eagle Gallery, downtown Thermopolis. Liam's work might be described as "outsider art," and some say he's kin to graffiti artists. "Art from the Apocalypse is the art of the Nomads," he says. "It's closer to street art than fine art." Liam paints on board, paper, masonite and pretty much anything he happens to like. He came to art in his 40s but feels he has been preparing for it all his life. Flying Eagle Gallery is at 518 Broadway (downtown), Thermopolis. #springcity #news