'Accidentalist' speaks about apocalyptic painting during ArtStroll

This weekend a new art show opened in Thermopolis, featuring the work of "outsider" and "accidentalist" Brendan Liam. "Art from the Apocalypse" showcases his abstract, almost psychedelic, paintings at Flying Eagle Gallery. "Art from the Apocalypse is the art of the Nomads," he says. "It's closer to street art than fine art." "This art comes to you from The Abyss itself, it's likely to have a few nicks and dings," he says on his website. "All the work is structurally sound, We've seen to that." Liam spoke about his work during Friday's ArtStroll. The work is un display through the end of the month. [image: 20160212_180928.jpg] [image: liam_apocalyypse_sm_12665855_10207476878993121_2116523258_n.jpg] *event photos h/t Toddi Darlington / Pitchengine Communities* #springcity #news