Bobcat Robotics Win State!

(Thermopolis, Wyo.) - This story was written and contributed by the Thermopolis County High School Student Newspaper, The Predator. Posted on February 18, 2016 at 10:40 a.m. by Aaron Hanson: During February 4th and February 13, Bobcat Robotics went to Bozeman Montana and Casper Wyoming for their Robotics Tournaments. Both teams did reasonably well in the tournaments and even won State Robotics. In Robotics, students have to make a robot while working together. They have to make sure the robots are 18 by 18 by 18 to be qualified and have to go through a bunch of tasks to gain points. The more points they have, the higher their rank is. During the tournaments, teams get paired with each other and have to gain the most points in each round. By using gracious professionalism and teamwork, people rank up and get trophies for their achievements. On Saturday February 4th, the Robotics club had its first tournament. The two teams, Aluminati and Fist full of Axles went against almost 50 teams all around Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. Aluminati didn’t do so well and got the second to last rank while Fistful of Axles got 26th. There were a few complications during this tournament which made it stressful and intense. Aluminati almost got disqualified when they went over the size limit and also had problems with the robot’s arm when it wouldn’t work properly. Fistful of Axles also had problems with their robot’s arm when the gears kept falling off. Not the best these teams has done, but there was a lot of progress happening. Team Aluminati coming up with a strategy plan with ~*! (SquiggleSplatBang) during Finals. February 13th was the last tournament of the season and the teams both did really well with Aluminati getting rank 17 and Fistful of Axles getting rank 28. Right before Finals, team ~*! (Sqiggle Splat Bang) chose two teams to be allies during the final rounds. One team was the Robo-Panthers from Powell and the other was Aluminati from Thermopolis. The teams won with a 64 to 230 score and Aluminati went home a winning team. Fistful of Axles actually also have the chance to go to Ogden for regionals. Josh Canfield says, “The other team’s number is in the 10,000, which gives us a better chance of winning since they only had one to two years of experience.” There has been a lot of work with Bobcat Robotics and because of that, not only did one team win state, but now another has a chance to win regionals and make their town proud. *Feature photo: Wyoming champion alliance FTC 2016! Courtesy of The Predator / Pitchengine Communities* #springcity #news #thepredator