Two Tax Rebates okayed; Oil Company self reported underpayment of taxes

*Feature Photo: Hot Springs County Clerk Nina Webber consulted with Commissioner Chairman John Lumley during Tuesday's meeting at the County Annex Building. (Pitchengine Communities) * (Thermopolis, Wyo.) - The Hot Springs County Commissioners on Tuesday approved two additional tax rebates for the year, and two supplemental tax assessments. As presented by the Auditor's office, the tax rebate on property that had been assessed in error was in the favor of Leo, Joan and Theodore h. Seely. The rebate on two separate parcels resulted in a payment of $9.10 to the property owners. Supplemental taxes reported by the Treasurer's office came from the Coronado Oil Company that advised the county of oil production reporting errors during tax years 2014 and 2015 at the Hand Creek Field. The additional taxes generated from the self-reported errors was $711.64 that goes into the county's general fund. In other business, Commissioner Brad Besse reported that the local nomination of the Project of the Year for the American Public Works Association, the new airport, was an Honorable Mention. The Big Horn Regional Water System project in Big Horn, Washakie and Hot Springs counties was this year's winner. #springcity #news