And you thought losing your wallet was scary

In light of recent scams and fraud happening across Wyoming, Pinnacle Bank is gearing up in response. “We feel it is our duty to help educate and prevent our neighbors from falling victim,” stated Minnie Miller, Pinnacle Bank President at their Thermopolis Branch. “Identity theft and fraud are costing our nation roughly 18 billion dollars a year, and our small town isn’t immune,” she continues. In this digital age, losing your wallet isn’t the only way identity thieves can gain access to your personal information. With phishing, fraudsters pose as legitimate sources using email, text or phone calls to trick people into providing their Social Security numbers, passwords, financial account information, etc. The staff at Pinnacle Bank offer a few tips for recognizing a phishing attempt: 1. *Be Suspicious* of any email message that asks you to enter or verify personal information. No legitimate financial institution or online merchant will ask for your personal financial information when reaching out to you. 2. *Don’t be Intimidated.* Phishers often use scare tactics and emotional language to intimidate others into responding. For example, “you need to respond now or we will put your account on hold.” 3. *Spell Check. *Phishing emails often have spelling and grammar mistakes. While reputable organizations proofread carefully, phishers do not. 4. *Look Closely. *Links in phishing emails may be not quite right. For example, an O being replaced with a zero or additional text at the beginning or end of the link. Never reply to or click the links in a suspicious message. If you think you’ve received an email that’s an attempt to get your information, simply delete it. However, if you’re concerned that it could be legitimate, your best option is to contact the company directly. Beyond these tips, Pinnacle Bank is gearing up to launch public presentations, conducted by staff well-versed in financial safety and security, to help community members. If interested, please contact Tiffany Hamman at 307-864-5555. #pinnaclebank #sponsored #springcity #news