Helicopter landing training with the Thermopolis Volunteer Fire Department

(Thermopolis, Wyo.) - Last night the Thermopolis Volunteer Fire Department hosted Riverton's Guardian Flight crew for a dinner and extensive training on how to assist a helicopter into a landing zone that is not designated as such. Volunteer Firefighter Forrest Coleman-Weisz told Spring City there were 27 Firemen and many other participants from the local law enforcement, search and rescue, and EMS who participated in the training. [image: 12803177_925888257530649_1466907595682777495_n.jpg] "To an extent the helicopter pilot relies very heavily on ground crews to help clear and maintain a perimeter around a helicopter as it lands and shuts down," said Coleman-Weisz. "Wind direction, LZ slope, trees, power lines, and landing surface are just a few of the things that your local fire department needs to know and communicate to the life flight crew in a manner that they can understand in order to have a safe and successful landing." Coleman-Weisz told Spring City that he believes having helicopter services and trained personnel in our own community is vital. "This has opened up the possibility to get a person from some of the most remote locations in our county to a medical center much more quickly and effectively. We no longer have to transport a patient via ambulance and then fly them out. We can actually have the helicopter land on scene and transport directly. This shaves off a huge amount of time and saves lives much more effectively than the previous conventional method." [image: 12791031_925888424197299_8721173998322817978_n.jpg] [image: 0 (9).jpg] [image: 8409_925888300863978_2436037370038258869_n.jpg] [image: 12806000_925888307530644_3282344226511943090_n.jpg] See more photos on the Thermopolis Volunteer Fire Department's facebook page. h/t Forrest Coleman-Weisz and the Thermopolis Volunteer Fire Department for sharing the photos from last night's Life Flight training. #springcity #news