So that's why they built it up there

*Feature Photo: The Hot Springs County Search and Rescue Station, at 440 S. 14th Street, also contains a back-up Emergency Operations Incident Command Center. (Pitchengine Communities) * (Thermopolis, Wyo.) - In Tuesday's discussion with Hot Springs County Emergency Management Director Bill Gordon, the topic of the county's Emergency Incident Command Center (ICC) came up. "You know why we built the alternate ICC up next to the fire department," don't you, asked Chairman John Lumley. "Our present center is in the basement of the courthouse. What if there was a derailment with a toxic substance just a few blocks away, or, heavens forbid, a dam break. Would you want your Incident Command Center in a basement downtown? he asked rhetorically. "We were lucky to get it up there." Lumley said the county used foresight when it built the second center at the new Search and Rescue Station up on high ground next to the fire department. It's located on South 14th Street just down the street from the Middle School. "I'm going to plan a tour with all of the county's elected officials up there. I don't think they all know what we have there," he said after Tuesday's regular commission meeting. During the meeting, Gordon mentioned that the Wyoming Chapter of the American Red Cross is seeking four new volunteers from Hot Spring County. He also reported that a Severe Weather Training is on tap March 17th, 6 p.m. at the County Annex. #springcity #news