4 cheerleaders, 2 coaches and a bus full of students represent at State Spirit Competition in Casper!

(Thermopolis, Wyo.) - The Wyoming State Spirit Competition was held in Casper yesterday, and we had some spirit representing Thermopolis. The story below was written and contributed by the Thermopolis County High School Student Newspaper, The Predator . With a few minor adjustments, the following story was written by Wesley Blakey: *"State Cheer was Wednesday, March 9th.Cheerleaders are the ones who support other sports teams, so state cheer was the student body’s turn to return the favor.This year there were 4 cheerleaders, 2 coaches, and a spirit bus full of students who went to Casper and helped cheer and support the cheer team.* *Although, they didn’t win anything, Junior Kaylee Smith, who is a cheerleader said, “My favorite part was watching the 4A stunt teams." Junior Kenna Oliver who rode the spirit bus to Casper said her favorite part was cheering on her friends. Ms. Herra, one of two coaches said her favorite part was “watching the girls putting their culmination together from all of this year, and then… The pie.”* Congrats to our cheerleaders and coaches! [image: 20160309_152847.jpg] *Photos via The Predator / Pitchengine Communities * #springcity #news