Local students shine at Destination Imagination

(Casper, Wyo.) — Local students did great in the State Destination Imagination Tournament in Casper over the weekend. "We had 67 teams competing in six different challenges in three different divisions: elementary, middle school, and high school, from 12 communities in Wyoming," Marcia McChesney of Destination Imagination said. The theme of each challenge is different, and each team competes in one challenge. Most teams are composed of 5-7 students. "We have scientific, technical, fine arts, improv, structural and service learning challenges. The teams spend the majority of their time during the season in crafting a solution to their challenge. The final performance of their solution is shown at state. They have up to 8 minutes to set up and perform. In addition, teams compete in a short instant challenge as part of the competition," McChesney said. Here are the full results from the weekend: [image: 8f6c1e77-2326-49c6-877a-9f3820d1070e.png] [image: b68e322b-0039-44b0-a40b-79f33543db8e.png] [image: 4662b525-ed30-43e1-bb56-3d759825a138.png] #springcity #news