HSC Memorial Hospital CEO Leaving; "We Will Be Just Fine"

*Feature Photo: Robin Roling is leaving Hot Springs County Memorial Hospital for a new position in Cheyenne. (HSCMH / Pitchengine Communities) * (Thermopolis, Wyo.) - The Chief Executive Officer of the Hot Springs County Memorial Hospital is leaving to be the Chief Operating Officer at the Cheyenne Regional Medical Center. Robin Roling will start in the capitol city on June 27th. 'I'm confident in the direction we are heading and that HSCMH will maintain access to health care for the community. This was simply an opportunity that allows me to progress in my career path, I'm grateful for my experience here," she said. Roling said she doesn't believe her departure will have a negative impact on a ballot initiative this November that would, if approved, create a hospital district for sustainable funding for the hospital. "This is a community decision and there are people here who are very vested in improving the economy here," she said, "We have an active staff and community who are invested in ensuring local acess to health care. Our hospital board is a key driver. We will be just fine." While Roling is moving to Cheyenne for the new job, she is not leaving Thermopolis. Roling said she plans to commute, coming home on the weekends, when not blocked by a storm as was the case this past weekend. "My son Hudson and my family loves it here, so we will maintain our Thermopolis home." [image: Inline image 1] A member of the Wyoming Hospital Association Board of Directors, Roling said she hears about conditions statewide from other hospitals and she is convinced HSCMH has great people "working for your benefit." She noted that during her tenure the hospital converted to electronic medical records, "which was no small feat." She also noted the hospital recently added a new MRI scanner that she hopes will be certified for use by the first week of April. "It's really exciting," she said. Roling said the hospital has had success in developing a comprehensive orthopedic program with total knee and joint replacement and she said the facility is staffed "with a great group of physicians." In addition, the hospital's automatic dispensery system for pharmaceuticals is improving and she said there have been some "cosmetic" improvents in the building. "There has been a lot of tears involved in this process," she noted. #springcity #news