Hunting for Eggs at Hot Springs State Park

(Thermopolis, Wyo.) - Happy Easter, Spring City! Families gathered this afternoon at Hot Springs State Park for the annual Easter Egg Hunt. Meri Ann Rush shared a few photos from the 1-2 year old age group. If you have photos from your Easter adventures, share them with us here . Waiting for the start... [image: download_20160327_140557.jpg] [image: download_20160327_140533.jpg] And they're off... [image: download_20160327_140241.jpg] [image: download_20160327_140544.jpg] [image: download_20160327_140538.jpg] Best way to cap off a successful Easter Egg hunt? WIN a bike! [image: download_20160327_141359.jpg] Happy Easter everyone! #springcity #news #whatshappening