Speech and Debate team heading to Nationals!

(Thermopolis, Wyo.) - A big congratulations to the Hot Springs County Speech and Debate team who is going to Nationals in Salt Lake June 11-17! This story below was written and contributed by the Thermopolis County High School Student Newspaper, The Predator , describing the honor. It was written by Aaron Hanson: *The Hot Springs County Speech and Debate team is going to Nationals for the 15th time ever! Amanda Dinsmore and Eryn Robinson will be doing a cut version of the play “A Piece of my Heart” and Kameron Olsen will be doing Exempt. Three students are going to compete against at least 2,500 students, not only in the US, but in seven foreign countries! These students are going to go all the way to Salt Lake on June 11th to the 17th.* *In Speech and Debate there are a number of events one could do. There is Exempt, which is where one person prepares a speech for 30 minutes talking about the subject the judges give. Drama, Humor, Debate, Exempt, etc. Drama and Humor is where the students find pieces of literature and act it out in front of judges, while in Debate and Exempt, the students will be given a subject to talk about. One of the biggest differences between the two is in Debate, one is going against the other and in Exempt, one is giving a speech about the subject.* *During the Tournament, the students will compete for the majority of the week and are spread out over five different schools in a 20 square mile area. Their days begin with rounds at 8:00 a.m. and usually last rounds of the day begin at 6:00 p.m., so they’re putting in very long days; Almost 12 hours. That will go on from Monday through Thursday with finals and awards on Friday.* *During the duration of Speech this year, these students have learned many things and improved on many different levels. Eryn Robinson said, “Speech and debate has enabled me in many ways, giving me more self confidence, responsibility, and integrity”. With this experience in live, Speech and Debaters could not only win awards for great performances, but learn how to face public speaking better and coming up with great ideas faster.* *If these students win Nationals, they will not only have one of the greatest experiences in their high school career, but also the knowledge of how to debate and public speaking. Good luck THS Speech Team!* #springcity #news #whatshappening