The park has an adorable new resident

There was excitement in Hot Springs State Park on Thursday, April 28th. Mia arrived that afternoon, and unfortunately her mother is unable to care for her. She is currently being cared for by her “Mama Mia.” Last year, Hot Springs State Park had another orphan buffalo calf, Falina. Mia’s mother is a 2- almost 3-year-old heifer and for some reason did not care for Mia; she is a different cow than Falina’s mother. Mia is doing well and everyone is encouraged to visit the buffalo pasture and enjoy the three current calves that are with the main herd; another one is expected any day. The herd on T-Hill is awaiting the arrival of two calves. Mia is expected to be reintroduced to the main herd in July. #springcity #rush #news