Ice cold lemonade, anyone?!

Sean and Aiden are young entrepreneurs. When the author, Meri Ann Rush, was notified that they set up a lemonade stand at the end of Candy Jack Park on 14th Street, she had to go have a glass for herself. "When I was pulling up, Sean was waving at people trying to drivers attention to stop," she said. "I stopped and got out of my car and was greeted with a 'Hello, Aunt Meri Ann.'” She asked why they were selling lemonade, and Sean stated that his computer was fixed. She asked how much it was: $50.00, and he had a little over $30. Aiden said he wanted to buy a new pair of shoes and had just under $40. Their is a small card table with a wheel barrow next to it and their cooler and cooler of lemonade. The boys used the wheel barrow to haul their supplies. If you are out an about and need a refreshing drink, they have awesome lemonade. #springcity #rush #news