Colorado family shares drinking and driving warning after terrible Saturday crash

A Saturday wreck in Wind River Canyon resulted in devastating damage to a Colorado family's truck and trailer, and appears to have claimed the life of a second driver. "We were driving back to Colorado from Wyoming. Kathryn and I were in the GMC in front of Wade," Michelle Patton wrote of the wreck on Facebook . "He was pulling our living quarters horse trailer with Kathryn's mare Katniss and her 2 4-H pigs. We were in the Wind River Canyon and a car came speeding around the corner in the wrong lane, coming head on into Wade. He manage to swerve over, so she basically t-boned Wade." According to other sources the wreck occurred on the northern end of the canyon, near Thermopolis. Patton, in her post, alludes to the fact that the other driver, a woman, was killed in the crash and might have been intoxicated. Her family and the animal they were hauling survived. Wyoming Highway Patrol has not yet released information about the crash. "I am sharing these photos because everyone needs to see what reckless, drunk driving can result in," she wrote. "Even if you think you are fine to drive....DON'T. ... Many wonderful people from Thermopolis helped us with hauling animals, calling the vet, taking care of the animals and us. Many people on the highway were wonderful emotional support. Today we are home and trying to quietly process what happened and being grateful for our life. "Life is short and never guaranteed; cherish it, write your wrongs and love your family." [image: IMG_20160611_134914787.jpg] *photos h/t Kristie Salzmann / Pitchengine Communities* #springcity #county10 #reboot #news