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Jelly Jammers Scented Butt Plug

Set The set of three Jelly Jammers Scented Butt Plug is crafted from a smooth jelly material. Every plug features a unique scent. The medium plug smells like blueberry; the large plug smells like strawberry while the small plug smells like a pink grape.


The scented butt plug set affords you a variety of anal sensations. Beginners are encouraged to start with the small pink grape scented anal plug and work their way to the large strawberry scented plug, in moderation.

Jelly Butt Plugs Features

●    Premium quality jelly material

●    All plugs with a secure base

●    Set of 3 assorted butt plugs

●    Pink grape, blueberry, and red strawberry scent

Scented Butt Plugs Specs

●    Insertable length: 1.0 - 5.0 inches

●    Circumference: 5.5, 4.0 and 3.0 inches

●    Diameter: 1.25, 1.0 and 0.75 inches

●    Full length: 6.0, 5.0 and 4.0 inches

●    Flexibility: Slight

Using The Jelly Butt Plugs

To enjoy the sensations of these butt plugs, start with the small sized pink grape scented plug. Apply lube on its 3.5 insertable inches, and 0.25-inch girth makes its the go-to anal plug for beginners.


For hands-free fun, fix a circular suction cup base, the tapered tip makes the insertion process smooth and comfortable. After getting used to the small plug and are up for a challenge, switch to the blueberry scented medium sized anal plug.


The plug comes with suction cup base to hold in place the 4.5 inches insertable length and the 4.5-inch girth, remember to apply lube for easy insertion.


For those nights/days you want to stretch your butthole and feel toe curling tingling sensations, the large strawberry scented anal plug will extend inwardly to 5.75 inches, and the girth is 5.5 inches thick.


The butt plug comes with a pronounced neck which makes it sit pretty in your bottom and stimulate those erogenous zones. Every Jelly Jammers Scented Butt Plug carries antibacterial properties, so you can rest easy when it comes to cleanliness.


The Jelly Butt Plugs are soft to the touch, and their bases are well sized. For more experienced users, the small and medium butt plugs may pop out, it's not advisable to walk while they’re up your butt! The large size can be left in your butt while you attend to your ordinary chores.