Inkcups Now, Corp. Releases Automated Pad Cleaning Pad Printer

Inkcups Now, Corp. (Danvers, MA) the leading supplier of industrial printing solutions has introduced a new single-color pad printing machine to the market. The B100-PC (pad cleaner) includes an automatic pad cleaning system that ensures a clear print, every time. Ideal for apparel and industrial production facilities where there is much sediment in the environment and regular pad cleaning is necessary. 

 The B100-PC has an advanced adhesive mechanism that extends behind the print area. The automatic pad cleaning mechanism is programmed to clean after every 5, 10, 20 or 50 prints. After the pad prints on a substrate, it then will move over the cleaning mechanism in which the pad presses onto the adhesive and removes any excess ink or debris.

As with every pad printer, the B100-PC utilizes Inkcups’ patented Versacup® ink cup assembly (two-sided ceramic ring included) and tool-less setup, the B100-PC offers a quick and easy changeover. Unlike other pad printers, the B100-PC is manufactured for industrial, heavy duty performance. Gain complete control over variable inking and print frequency in order to increase print opacity.

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