"More as steps" with StepsApp

Do you want to improve your health? You may have planned for exercise the next morning and have all you need ready. But, how effective do you exercise each day? If you want to know if your present workout is better that you have been doing before, then the StepsApp can help you with that. I will say that this is the latest update from Apple, that is available mainly to the iOs users.`

What is this Steps App?

I recent time, we have app for almost everything we want to do, and that for health is not an exception? To help the people that are always doing work out for fitness, Apple developed this all-in-one pedometer. This serves as a device for monitoring the activity tracking and charts out various plans. The activities that will be monitored by the StepsApp are hiking, running, jogging and running.

What Distinguish this App?

This App was built by Apple; this tells you that it will be excellent and always update from the host of the features. Below are the few things that distinguish this app from the others:

Ease of Use

The simple interface of this app brings an incredible experience to the Apple users. The pedometer will estimate the step taken, burn fats, floors climbed and matched them with previous recordings. StepsApp is integrated with today Widget; this allows you to view your overall performance with a simple click.


StepsApp is mainly designed to function on iPhone 5s onwards; this is because of the absence of sensor from the previous version. Apple Watch users find this app very useful always. You can check your daily reading from the widget, with a click on the interface. The watch show Notification Center, calorie loss, and distance covered. Your physical activities are tracked round the clock even when the app is closed.This is why most users find this app amazing.

The App is detailed

The tracking of adventure is more advanced for the users using iPhone 6 and above. Most of the data for hourly, weekly and daily are available for you at any time. You can either choose between the micro and macro help know the latest achievement. You also have a chart for people that love to track data.


Every physical activity such as running, gymming that make you fit needs your effort and discipline. That’s why a friend mental effort can keep you going. StepsApp allows you to share your achievement online to your friends and family. Once you are done connecting with your friends and family, Facebook sharing is just a click away. If you use a lot of social media platform, all you have to do is to edit few of your achievement to fit that platform. The app also has up to six handcrafted colors, that can be easily modified about the progress and pictures you post.


StepsApp has many features embedded in it, few of them is step counter and pedometer that are readily available on the app. However, if you need to measure your health improvement, I will suggest StepsPro. This version is embedded with a colorful theme and can upgrade to help track your calorie. The short definition of this app is a complete shop for people looking to improve their health. This app can offer you a perfect study, t improve your physique. The step counter is more precise when considering factors like height, weight, and sex. You can go through their essential point with just $3.

24*7 Supportive system

The customer support service is really good. It provide the 24*7 support system. The technical and expert people handle the company’s policy. Whenever you are in trouble, no need to worry just sends an email, and they will respond immediately. Whenever you are questioning to the support team, they always provide you the satisfactorily answer.


We all want good health because health is wealth. If this appeals to you, then the StepsApp will be a good choice for you. The app is easy to use, detailed and allow you to share all of your achievement. So, this was the full proof review of StepsApp, I am sure you will learn something new with this post. You could download it for free or just go for the paid option; StepsApp will always deliver what it promises. If you found this review interesting and useful then please share this post on your social media sites like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn etc. And you can share your personal experience with StepsApp in our commenting box below.