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Baby Carrier Vs. Stroller Wagon for Travelling with a Baby- Should You Get Both Or Pick One?

There are so many things to consider when traveling with infants or kids. Being a parent, you need to consider several things, from preparing the car to packing all the baby essentials to ensure smooth traveling. Whether to choose a baby carrier or wagon for traveling with a baby is just one more decision you need to make. Not an easy one, right? 

Let’s be honest, baby carriers and Stoller wagons are must-have baby essential travel items. However, it’s not easy to say which one is better. So, should you bring both to your long family trip? Or can you get away with just a stroller wagon instead of a baby carrier? What about comfortably of your little one while or the toddler while traveling? Could it create any impact on your decision? Well, after reading the following article, you’ll get answers to all the questions. 

Stoller Wagon For Travelling- Pros and Cons


Using a stroller wagon for traveling has some definite benefits as compared to baby carriers. Stroller wagon is an advanced concept, and even many parents are not even aware of it due to that reason. It is the combination of a baby stroller and wagons with ample storage, push/pull and lots of other features which you can’t find in regular strollers. Wonderfold stroller wagon is popular in the wagon stroller market. They’ve been providing high-quality baby wagons to many countries around the world. Let’s see how a stroller wagon can improve your traveling with baby experience. 

Pros of using Stoller Wagon for Travelling

  • Durable: Stroller wagons are made up of very durable material and all-terrain types to travel on all kinds of rough and uneven surfaces. Its high durability makes it ideal for traveling purposes.

  • Easy to fold: While you’re on a long family trip, you can easily fold and unfold the stroller wagon. That makes traveling with a baby much more convenient. 

  • Good for baby’s sleep: Stroller wagons have deep carriage with zippered mesh panel for optional ventilation that allows baby to sleep whenever or wherever he wants. So, parents can travel with peace of mind without worrying about the baby’s sleep. 

  • Fit more than just a baby: A standard stroller wagon can accommodate up to four kids easily

  • Sun Protection: Some stroller wagon models like W4S 2.0 Multifunctional Stroller Wagon are equipped with a sideable, and removable UPF rated canopy that ensures protecting the baby from sunlight and harmful UV light. 

  • Extra Storage: Besides the rear storage basket, you get a back panel pocket, side pockets, and seat pouch to store not just the baby items but your travel items as well. 

  • Easy to clean: Wagon stroller has to remove the fabric and an automatic magnetic harness that make it very easy to clean while traveling. 

  • Break System: You can use a one-foot brake system to control the wagon while hiking down or traveling to any uneven surface. 

Cones of using Stoller Wagon for Travelling

  • Heavy: As a wagon stroller is bigger in size and equipped with many features, it is heavy compared to a baby carrier. 

  • Large Size: Large size stroller could take more space in your car trunk than baby carriers. 

  • Expensive: Stroller wagons are modern with certain built-in features that make them certainly more expensive than a baby carrier.

  • Lack of place: While traveling, it could be a little struggle to manage the stroller wagon if you're staying in the hotel room. As you won’t find all places stroller accessible. 

Baby Carrier For Travelling- Pros and Cons


Now that you’ve read all about the Stoller wagons, let shed some light on baby carriers. Are they suitable for traveling or not? Keeping your baby close to you is a good idea, and a carrier could help you to achieve it. However, a family trip is not like walking to the corner market for doing groceries. It involves long walks, hiking for an extended period of time, and using a baby carrier while traveling could quickly tire up the baby along with the parent carrying him. It is just one point of view about analyzing the baby carrier for traveling. Let’s see what could be the possible benefits of using a baby carrier for traveling instead of a stroller wagon. 

Pros of using Baby Carrier for Travelling

  • Lightweight: A Baby carrier is very lightweight and easy to wear. 

  • Easy to pack: It’s very easy to pack and doesn’t take up the extra space in your luggage 

  • Good for infants: Newborn babies feel more comfortable being close to their mom. A baby carrier allows them to snuggle up against you while you’re traveling.  

  • Less planning: It doesn’t require any extra force or help to wear a baby carrier, making it easy to go for traveling compared to a stroller wagon.  

Cons of using Baby Carrier for Travelling

  • No Break: If you’re traveling with a baby, you’ll need to wear a baby carrier continuously while you’re walking, sitting, or doing anything without a break. This could be very tiring for not only the unfit mothers but also a physically fit mother who cannot bear it for an extended period of time. 

  • Uncomfortable: You cannot deny the good stretch of the baby legs. Wearing a baby carrier doesn’t allow a baby to move properly or stretch his legs. As a result, he stays uncomfortable and sometimes starts crying that could ruin your travel experience. In addition to that, babies cannot sleep in the carriers due to continuous movement. 

  • Less Safety: Babies are less protected in baby carriers as compare to strollers. In case of any unfortunate incident, it can hurt the baby very severely. 

  • No Sun Protection: Baby strollers have an extendable canopy to protect the baby from harmful sunlight, whereas there is no shade or canopy in baby carriers. 

  •  No room for Storage: You need to keep an extra bag for keeping the baby essentials while using a baby carrier for traveling. There are no pockets or storage in baby carriers.