Stotz Equipment

"Who we are at Stotz Equipment."

(Fremont County, Wyo.) - Stotz Equipment is a family-owned John Deere dealership that was established as Arizona Machinery in 1947 by Fred Elder and his two partners. Although the name has since changed, the family and their core values are still the same.

Today, Stotz Equipment operates out of 23 locations in 8 western states, one being right here in Riverton, WY!  The founding values of the Elder and Rosztoczy families: Quality, Integrity, Loyalty, Caring and Community still ring true today. In fact, they are painted on the walls in the shop for all to see.

- Quality -  
Stotz has always been and will always be a John Deere Company. Our story began with Fred Elder's father Mott, whose relationship with John Deere traces back to at least 1904, over a decade before Deere manufactured their first tractor. Needless to say, we pride ourselves in having quality equipment and a quality team! We have over 100 years of experience between us all at Stotz in Riverton.

- Integrity & Loyalty -
When we deal with customers or employees, we don’t focus on the immediate impact. We’re focused on the long term and when people are treated like that, it creates loyalty. We love this community, our many loyal customers and the employees who make up this team. 

- Caring and Community - 
We love being face-to-face with our customers and going out on their turf. That’s where they open up and tell you their challenges and it’s where we build friendships. One of the many friendships we've made is with the Bousman family, who own a farm north of Pavillion, just under the Owl Creek Mountains. 

"The relationships with the people at Stotz have become personal, and they work hard to help keep us running." - Jim Bousman

Stotz Equipment seeks to be the best equipment dealer in the world. Our mission is to make life easier for our customers through long-term relationships, flexible solutions and uptime availability. 

Stotz Equipment
10801 Hwy 789
Riverton, WY 82501
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