Sunseeker 28m - marriage of comfort and top notch capabilities

Sunseeker 28m is one of the best products in the extraordinary Sunseeker catalogue. Before I tell you more about it, please imagine this scene: You walk out on the foredeck of your yacht. Your guests are already there, talking and eating. You join in the fun, but allow yourself a little private moment, when you look at the sea around you and breath in the salty breeze. This is the life you always wanted. Then you all decide to cruise along the coast, explore it and have a little adventure.

While there are many motor yachts that might suffice, there is none better suited for you to achieve the aforementioned vision, than Sunseeker 28m. This is why:

Sunseeker 28 metres is all about your experience

Personally, I would say that the most important part of our imagined scenario is the sense of sharing the joy with your friends. Sunseeker 28m allows you to accommodate up to 8 guests in 4 cabins (plus space for 4 crew members). Thus, you will never have to think too hard about taking company with you on your trips. The spacious cabins themselves provide privacy and comfort, including en suite showers and televisions. You can also find opening ports in each of them.

The areas where you will be spending time together, are no less well designed. The foredeck will comfortably hold all of you, even when you decide to dine under the open sky. This is achieved thanks to the seating arrangement, as well as the general extent of the area devoted to the foredeck. When the air turns too cold, or the weather too unwelcoming, you can take refuge in the galley. The interior is impeccably equipped and furnished - utilising walnut wood finishes, granite and suede. You will never be deprived of the panoramic view of your surroundings, thanks to the full-height windows, wraparound glazing and the optional drop down saloon balcony. The galley also has a separate wine cave, for the times when you want to couple your sea journey with a distinguished beverage. And if indeed you will seek to exxplore, you can take the ship to the speed of 29 knots, in the range of 400 nautical miles.

The journey out of dreams into reality

The key to understanding Sunseeker 28m’s greatness, is that it was designed with dreams as the one we described in the beggining, in mind. People at Sunseeker are world experts at helping to bring these fantasies into the realm of possibility. Sunseeker 28 proves to be another of their masterpieces.