How to find the best installer of swimming pool kit pools in Australia?

A pool is one of the biggest luxury investments you can make for your home. Purchasing a quality pool will ensure long lasting leisure time, relief from hot summers and all round entertainment. But of course, saving money on any big purchase is a plus. How should you go about saving money on a pool and still ensuring a quality installation? There are a few flags to look out for when you are looking for a pool installer, make sure you do thorough research and compare your favourite options on the following:


As with all massive purchases, your best installer will have the best warranty. You want to know that you are investing in something that will last for as long as you need it to, and if it doesn’t, you need the word of the service provider that they are willing to make up for it.

Previous Projects

Pool installers who may be new to the market may be just as good and pool installers who have been on the market for a long time may have areas where their service is slacking. Take care to look online at photos of jobs. Consider scouring social media where real customers leave real opinions. If possible, contact people who have bought the pool and ask them whether they are still satisfied with the pool and are willing to recommend the service.


When looking for the best installer, consider whether they offer a variety of pool options. Concrete, fibreglass and vinyl-liner pools are all on the market and each have different pros and cons. A good pool installer should offer a variety of pool types. Some installers even offer self-cleaning pools.


The size of your pool is definitely worth consideration. Would you accept a smaller pool or are you an Olympian enthusiast? Are you looking for a quick dive or are you looking to do some training? If you have had a pool before try to think about what you most enjoy about the pool. If you enjoy diving, know that you will pay for a deeper pool. Having chosen your pool size according to your available space and swimming style preference, will your installer be able to cater to your specific needs? Look for installers who are flexible and are able to adapt to what you want in a pool.


Does your pool installer know much about pools at all? When looking for the best pool installer, ensure you are doing business with people who have deep insight into the product they are selling you. Since you are making such a big investment, your salesman should be able to tell you how long the pool will last and what kind of care it will need in the long-term. Also, is the installer willing to offer you services for long term pool care or at least direct you to reputable services?


Lastly, to find an installer that is best suited to you, the closer a quality dealer, the cheaper the shipping will be. When searching for pool installers, use your area name in your Google search.

Shopping for a pool is an exciting process, make sure you follow these tips to find the best pool installer in Australia!