Swiss QA’s Super Radiation-Shielding Covers For iPhone 7 Plus Prevent The Waves From Reaching The Skull 

Tuesday, March 7th, 2017: Consumer electronics and accessories manufacturer Swiss-QA has released iPhone 7 Plus Card Case with 2 Interchangeable Covers. This cover comes with a Card Slot (Black & Gold) & Black Screen Protector. It provides all around protection to the device and keeps it completely protected. Presence of the best bumper guard protection for accidental drops is another reason why you should opt for this cover. It is undoubtedly the best protective case for iPhone 7 Plus in the market right now.

With the release of this interchangeable cover, Swiss-QA has added more stars to the latest innovation and the need in the market. These covers by Swiss-QA are built with strong material to add more strength and durability.

This cover also provides shock absorption due to the presence of a stronger bumper guard that will keep the device safe against heavy accidental drops. This interchangeable cover is available in black & gold variant for your iPhone 7 Plus. This is a combo of a perfectly matched case and full screen protector (black border) that covers 100% of your iPhone 7 Plus. It is priced at $28.99 on Swiss QA’s website. The iPhone screen protector included in this combo doesn't create air bubbles unlike others present in the market. So you can be sure of the quality that Swiss QA provides.

By adding latest products to their existing accessories after keeping in mind, the requirements of iPhone owners around the globe, they plan to make their presence stable in the market. Also, all Swiss-QA shield products come along with a lifetime replacement warranty and this one specifically is very durable. So shop with confidence on their-