8th Annual Universal Film Festival Returns to Kansas City August 22-24

Nuclear Bombs, PTSD, Love, Murder: More than 40 films nominated from 15 countries expected

Kansas City’s Universal Film Festival, one of the top 100 film festivals in the United States, will return to downtown Kansas City on August 22-24, 2019. More 40 screenings will take place during this two-day Festival, with over 100 guest filmmakers from around the world who will be on-hand for Q&A’s. Screenings will take place at the Alamo Draft House located at 1400 Main Street in the Power & Light District. UFF’s celebrates the art of independent film by attracting filmmakers and filmgoers, critics, and movie enthusiasts from around the world. Kansas City’s Festival is considered a significant launching ground for up-and-comers in the film industry. Films have been nominated in the following genres:

●Documentary                       ●Drama                       ●Action                                  ●Animation

●Foreign Film                        ●Horror                       ●Science Fiction                      ●Comedy        

Filmmakers from 107 countries submitted close to 1,130 films. This Festival is an excellent opportunity for aspiring filmmakers to network and promote their work and talents to local, national, and international audiences. The UFF panel of judges is comprised of film industry professionals, actors, independent filmgoers, producers, and Universal Film Festival board members. Nominees will be judged in the following categories:

●Best Film                            ●Best Comedy            ●Best Producer            ●Best Director 

●Best Documentary              ●Best Foreign Film       ●Best Actress              ●Best Drama               

●Best Short Film                   ●Best Actor                 ● Best Animation        ●Best Cinematography

“I am thrilled with this year’s lineup. The Universal Film Festival is one of the finest Festivals in the country as we showcase a diverse group of filmmakers from all over the world. This Festival represents a significant opportunity for exposure for those involved, and in many cases, will help propel them into a successful filmmaking career,” said executive director, Regina Johnson.

Two highly-anticipated documentaries are The Journey Back to Normal by Nicole Amelia-Casper. This documentary sheds light on effective complementary therapies for active duty soldiers and veterans dealing with the adverse effects of PTSD.

Buzz One Four Impact dives into the hidden secrets behind the B52 with two thermonuclear bombs that went by the call sign “Buzz One Four” that crashed on Big Savage Mountain in Western Maryland on January 13, 1964, during a blizzard.

Dream Come True, a drama by Robbie Barnes and Perfect Holiday Productions is about a couple in a surrealistic world dream life, but one of them wants to break free to live a normal life. This move might cost one of them everything a spark a lifelong nightmare.

For a full list of participants, go to Universal Film Fest’s website or call 816.474.9988. Screenings begin Friday evening, August 22, 2019 at Alamo Draft House. Screenings begin Thursday evening, August 22 at Alamo Draft House.


For media or interview requests, please contact Executive Director, Regina Johnson, at 913.709.6712,

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