Best Five Tankless Water Heaters To Buy In This Season

Cold showers aren’t a very recommended way to start your day. Moreover, if it is not out of habit but circumstances where your water heater refused to perform, it is an absolute pain.

That is why you must invest in a hot water heater that matches up well with your requirements. While the market is full of brands and water heating units of varying features and capacities, identifying the right heating appliance may not be too easy.


Your ideal tankless water heater will closely depend on your hot water requirement which varies across households. The governing factors are mainly the number of people living in a particular household and the list of daily chores for which hot water is used like, in dishwasher, shower, washing machine and dryer, etc.


Below is a listicle of best hot water brands along with the most popular tankless water heaters that you can consider while buying a tankless water heating appliances for your home.


Read through to find out the best water heaters and their brands:


Best five brands of water heaters:


1.    Rheem

It is a mid-level water heater brand that offers products that are very genuinely priced. Due to its manufacturing robustness, Rheem has been one of the most favoured heating appliance across most households.


2.    Ecosmart

Well known for its innovative green energy technology, this brand helps consumers save on energy bills. They have been a much sought after brand because of their clear goal of helping Ecosmart water heater users save up to 50% on their water heating bills.


3.    Takagi

It is widely known brand that offers versatile, efficient and reliable heating solutions. They focus on green or environment friendly manufacturing. Takagi’s manufacturing unit uses up to 95% recyclable materials to preserve the natural resources.


4.    Bradford White

Bradford White offer 24/7 service and is best known for its 100% commitment towards professional installer. Their heating units are high on performance, energy efficient and reliable. For 10 years i.e. 2006-2010, 2012-2016, they have been recognised as ‘brand purchased most often’. In CLEAReport survey of 2016, Bradford White also emerged as the ‘brand most likely to be recommended’.


5.    Marey

This brand offers heaters that are awesome products loaded with great advanced features, like user friendly interface and high functions, etc. They are quite a favoured brand for offering products at quite an affordable cost.

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Best five tankless water heaters:


I.             Rheem RTEX 13 Electric Tankless Water Heater, 4 GPM

Rheem RTEX is an upgraded version of the most popular water heater Rheem RTE 13. The new version is a great choice for smaller households, being more reliable and user friendly.  With1.5GPM low flow showerheads installed, it is suitable for even a setup with a couple of showers.


1.    Affordable pricing for small families

2.    Good flow rate of maximum 4 GPM

3.    Compact size worth installing in a cabinet or under a sink

4.    Powered with a digital thermostat with accuracy of within a degree

5.    Comes with improved copper immersion heating elements


1.    Cannot support bigger households

2.    Not recommended for colder areas as the flow rating suffers in very cold climates


II.           Ecosmart ECO 27 Electric Tankless Water Heater, 27 KW at 240 Volts with Patented Self Modulating Technology

An extremely powerful on demand water heater from the house of Ecosmart, it s efficient at handling a single shower hot water demand in colder climates. In warmer climates, it can also fulfil the demands of a household that has multiple hot water outlets. 


1.    Energy efficient as this model is powered with self -modulation which enables accurate energy usage as and when needed

2.    Appropriate for colder climates. With a flow rate of 3 GPM in coldest of climates, it works unless the inlet pipes are frozen 

3.    In temperate climates, works with flow rate of up to 6 GPM

4.    The lifetime warranty is transferrable, in case you sell your house


1.    The effective flow rate may be less than expected in colder climates

2.    The temperature of hot water may not be as expected in cold climates

3.    The lifetime warranty comes with many fine prints

III.          Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG Indoor Tankless Water Heater, Natural Gas

This water heater is the perfect buy for larger households of around 5 people in colder climates. It also works efficiently for multiple hot water outlets.


1.    High energy efficiency

2.    Offers consistent flow rate (independent of climatic conditions) of 6.6 GPM

3.    Comes with a handy digital remote that enables precise control


1.    Higher installation cost to vent the gas to the outside

2.    Can fulfil only medium level demands of hot water

3.    Cannot match up with demands for large households in colder climates

IV.          Rheem RTGH-95DVLN 9.5 GPM Indoor Direct Vent Tankless Natural Gas Water Heater

It is an upgraded version, though on the costlier side, it is well suited for large households having high demand of hot water. It works well with multiple hot water outlets, all in use at once. The performance is pretty appreciable with a flow rate of 9.5 GPM.


1.    Cost effective in the long run

2.    Needs less installation space

3.    Inbuilt guard against freezing up to -30 degrees Fahrenheit


1.    Higher in price makes it unaffordable to many households


V.           Marey Power Gas 10L Digital Panel Tankless Water Heater

This water heater offers a flow rate of 3.1 GPM which perfectly suits households with low water pressure. With a quick heating process, it is a true on -demand water heater that is easy to install and simple to use for small hot water requirements.



1.    Sleek in size and shape

2.    Easy to install

3.    Great safety hacks

4.    Works with low level water pressure



1.    The Hose and the regulator required have to be bought separately

2.    Cannot fulfil hot water requirements of larger households