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Advantages of Saas Integration platforms for a company

Software as a Solution Integration Platforms, commonly abbreviated as SIP, have evolved into an essential platform for business owners as they enable service providers to integrate various different applications in order to create a comprehensive solution which caters to any kind of business needs that an organization can face. It is incredibly useful as it helps both providers as well as users to navigate the integration hurdle successfully, hence SIPs basically allow them to derive a much greater value from their SaaS applications that they could not have done without the aid of SIPs. They work by combining and leveraging all the benefits of SaaS and add some added power to it. Here are some of the ways SIPs have helped companies which has in turn, made more and more businesses adopt this practice.

One place for all needs

Thanks to SIPs, users can now access all their important as well as barely used applications, all from one single interface. This eliminates the need to switch among several different applications for different functions and purposes. This not only saves time and effort, but also makes the process much smoother, increasing efficiency and better results. Every little function, right from creating an invoice to tracking down a sales lead, everything can now be done with much ease all from a single interface.

Reducing the chances of duplication of data

With multiple systems and applications at work, often the need for transferring data and results from one application to another arises which can be tricky as there is a high chance of data duplication. With the integration of all the business productivity applications, it eliminates the chances of duplication of data, thereby saving several man hours.

Greater synchronization

A higher level of business synchronization can be easily achieved from integration. All the sales data from CRM software can be readily input into a business intelligence software which analyzes the results and provides important insights, everything happening simultaneously and in one unified place.

Long-term relationships with service providers

As SIPs work in unified manner, solving all business integration needs in one platform, organizations therefore typically prefer to choose one vendor for all of their business needs. It gives them an increased control over their entire security system and also a chance for nurturing a long-term relationship with service providers which is beneficial to the business as it provides greater stability.

Cost Benefits

SIP eliminates the need to purchase and deploy several different solutions since it provides a solution that bundles several solutions together and arrives at the user’s end fully integrated. Thus, it saves quite a lot of money in terms of labour cost as well as integration cost. As you hire less manpower, it reduces quite some extra costs.

Manage data more efficiently/No data silos

Organizations often use 10-50 applications on any day to manage their operations. With that many employees using all these applications, there is a high risk of data silos being created. Moreover, sometimes, the same data is stored in multiple locations creating unnecessary duplicate entries. SIPs eliminate this by storing all of the data in one single location, thereby providing real time access to this data.

Streamlined process flows

  • SIPs allow the managers and administrators of a company to define and manage all the process flows in an efficient and streamlined manner which lead to a smoother business flow.

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