How To Instal Alight Motion Pro

The development of technology today is very fast. Many things can be done easily, including editing videos via cellphone. For those of you who like to edit videos via cellphones, you must be familiar with an application called Alight Motion Pro.

This application is known for its various interesting features that are not found in other video editing applications. Especially with the pro version, you can use all the features in it more freely.

What is Alight Motion

If you are currently looking for an application for editing videos, Alight Motion can be one that is recommended. This application is suitable for those of you who want to get more into the world of videography and even animation.

This application is actually a tool for editing videos to make it even better. However, the Alight Motion application focuses more on adding and making motion which is easier and faster than other methods.

But the Alight Motion application is limited to Android users only. For cellphone models that can use this application, you can use ordinary smartphones or Phablets and Tablets. For iOS based devices try to find it in the app center of the Appstore.

Alight Motion Pro feature

The pro or premium version of the application is always able to provide a much better and complete service than the free version. No wonder you are usually required to pay a purchase or subscription fee to get the pro version of the application.

The same is in the Alight Motion pro application. There are some very interesting features in it. Here are some reviews of these features:

Keyframe Animation feature

The first thing you can find in the pro version of Alight Motion is the keyframe animation feature. By using this excellent feature, you can make a static object look more detailed and clear.

By using this feature too, you can make an object that is initially stationary to move according to the desired direction. So you can make videos that are far varied and also interesting to watch.

Indeed, using the keyframe animation feature is quite difficult. It takes skill in order to produce a good video.

Lots of Effects

The addition of an effect makes video editing quick and easy. Effects will also make videos more attractive and have high cinematographic artistic value.

By using just one application, namely Alight Motion, you can enjoy many effects. You can choose these effects freely and can be applied to all the video editing process that is currently being carried out.

Not infrequently the Alight Motion pro application will usually provide some updates for even better effects. There are several video effects sharing available in Alight Motion.

Effects such as color effects, light effects, blur effects, pictures and much more. The large number of effects will make it easier for you to create a video to look good and attractive.

Wide Variety of Fonts

Most of the video editing applications have always provided a fairly limited feature of adding fonts. Only a few popular fonts are available and you can use them.

This will make your creativity not optimal and the video edits less satisfying. From now on, use the Alight Motion application. Because you can use a variety of fonts or font styles available.

The number is very large and you can choose. If the font you want doesn't exist, you can use the import font option. With this feature, you will be more free to apply the additional text you want.