Video Bokeh App for Android

Thanks to the rapid development of technology, there are always current topics around hardware and software that can be discussed. One that can be discussed is the software for editing videos on Android.

Where at this time almost everything can be done via the smartphones we have. Currently, you can search for any app on the Google Play Store on Android. To edit videos, you can download the latest uncensored Full HD Bokeh video app for free from Google Playstore.

You know for a fact that blurring can usually only be achieved with a good smartphone camera or even a DSLR camera.

However, now it is enough to use an ordinary smartphone camera with an application to take bokeh photos. For this reason, there are several applications that can be used to edit video bokeh museum quality videos and there are no video sensors.

Bokeh video app

1. Video Square

This app is made by reliable developer from Singapore, Lolo Apps. Square Video is also very interesting to be one of the topics of discussion this time. Why not, because one of the video apps without a video bokeh sensor can produce excellent quality that surpasses the quality of the original video.

Features Features in Video Square:

There is a clipping feature which lets you trim a specific part of the video or song.

Videos edited with this application can be changed freely either vertically or horizontally.

There are many colors to choose from in this free bokeh video app. So you can use any color to create a background in the video.

User can create a blur effect on the background.

Users can edit certain sections to make videos more interesting.

Then the quality produced by the application depends on what the user wants. You can export the video results with various format options, namely 3gp, Mp4 and HD.

Square Video as a full HD bokeh video application has millions of active users. There are several specific songs available in this app and you can even add your own songs. If you are interested, you can download the link below.

2. Video Mago

This app is made by trusted developer from China, Charmer New Apps. With the bokeh video app for Android, you can freely edit videos by providing various styles provided by Mago Video. This full bokeh uncensored video app is great for YouTube players and even video editors for branding purposes.

Complete Features in Mago Videos:

There is a function for making video slideshows. It lets you edit photos using songs and effects in a slideshow.

It has a magic video editing feature that lets you just touch the desired effect. The effect will then appear automatically in the video.

There is a Slow Motion Video Maker feature that allows users to play videos faster or slower.

In this application you can also add cool stickers, emojis and memes to videos.

Users can add images and photos to enhance their videos.

The effect of making this bokeh without a video sensor is very good and perfect

You can also share the results of the video on various social platforms and media such as TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and many others.

3. AfterfoCus

Apart from that, there is a popular bokeh video application, AfterFocus. With this application, you can create photos and videos that have a blurry effect and a bokeh effect. Here are some of the features you can try:

Features in AfterFocus:

First, to make bokeh, you only need to use the smart mode feature to automatically create blurry or bokeh photos or videos.

You can also use manual method, you have to select one by one to blur or bokeh.

AfterFocus has various effects that can help you enhance your videos.

Apart from that, you can also choose to turn the background into bokeh.

There is a sharing feature that allows you to share your work across multiple platforms and social media.

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