Kinemaster Diamond Mod Apk Unlimited

KineMaster diamond is a popular app in the mobile app world and is known for something other than its impressive video editing capabilities.

This app is only a professional video editor fully featured on Android devices. It can handle multiple videos, images and text layers, as well as properly cut and trim media files.

The app features diamond-like features, which help users edit their videos in the most professional way. By using this Android video editor app you will be able to edit videos like professional

This application has many functions that are very complete, where users can edit their videos professionally.

With this video editor application you can edit videos as a professional and the most important thing is for a YouTube user or a lover of image art and video editing.

KineMaster Diamond Pro functions

  • There is no KineMaster watermark
  • Supports all types of video formats
  • Has multiple video layers
  • Lots of premium access from the KineMaster Diamond edition
  • Instant preview of videos that you have edited and which can be easily converted into videos
  • No watermark
  • Equipped with 3D transition effects
  • Equipped with mosaics, blur and special effects
  • Video speed control
  • You can share on social media directly from many applications
  • Large selection of favorite themes
  • Chromakey is on
  • Premium functions unlocked or free
  • It has a blue theme and a beautiful background
  • Has high quality and very high resolution video images
  • Can send various types of videos with other applications
  • And it's very easy for beginners and even professionals to use

Download KineMaster Diamond Pro Apk

  • Name KineMaster Diamond Pro
  • Size 48.97Mb
  • Latest Version
  • 2020 update

How to Use Kinemaster Diamond

How to use this application is almost the same as the usual version.

That is, you just have to open the application and enter the project you want and enter some videos or photos.

After that you can enter some effects that are already provided by the application such as transitions or animation effects.

Enter Transition

To enter the transition it's quite easy, you follow the steps below:

  • Insert two videos or photos, after which the layer will display the boundaries between the two photo or video files.
  • And press the minus sign between the two files, and select a transition.
  • Select a transition that suits you or what you want, select it and the transition will enter between the two files.
  • After the transition you can add other effects.

Remove Green or Other Background

kinemaster diamond apk google drive, What's interesting about this kinemaster diamond sfile application is that this application can remove background images.

To be more precise, it is not reaching but disguising a green or dark background. And usually this feature is widely used by YouTubers, such as gaming YouTubers and others. Which really suits your needs and wants to remove the background.

Application Shop Menu

  • We have said above, that this kinemaster 4k mod apk application provides a shop or store menu.

  • Namely a menu that provides various effects and displays to support video editing.

  • And this menu can be distinguished by several features, namely pri features and ordinary features.

  • And you can use both features, and you take it easy because in this menu the download is free.

  • There are no fees except for the internet quota that you use.

Professional Audio Features

kinemaster diamond pro mod, Now the fifth of the features of the unlimited kinemaster mod apk application is professional audio editing.

  • With this one feature, you can edit the sound that is soabt that it becomes clearer.

  • And you can also adjust the volume of the video which is in the second layer in the video editing.

  • And this feature is a very important feature because if it doesn't exist then we will be bothered.

  • Because we will need many applications that must be used, besides kinemaster you also have to need other applications.