Pubg Mobile Metro Royale

The description of PUBG MOBILE

PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS is officially designed exclusively for mobile devices. Play anywhere, anytime. PUBG MOBILE brings you the most exciting free multiplayer action on mobile.

Jump in, get your guns ready, and finish. Survive classic 100-player battles, payload mode, fast-paced 4v4 team deathmatch mode, and zombie mode. Survival is key, and the last one standing wins. During the call of duty, shoot at will!

In addition there is also an application that provides information about tips and tricks about weapons and maps for new players. Here, Okezone provides application recommendations that can help you play PUBG Mobile without cheats.

1. Graphics Optimizer for PUBG

The Graphics Optimizer for PUBG application can increase the ability of your smartphone to play PUBG without lag. In the application there are 3 settings that can be adjusted according to the strength of your cellphone. Uniquely this application will increase the user's mobile graphics and chipset to play PUBG, so that gameplay is more optimal.

2. Battlegrounds Battle Buddy

The Battlegrounds Battle Buddy application will help you to provide information and knowledge about PUBG. This application can display complete information such as weapons, from recommended accessories to damage. Uniquely, this application will display the location for searching for loot crate and favorite spots that are often used to hide by other players.

3. OP.GG

This application will provide more detailed information about PUBG. You can predict which weapon to use when landing somewhere. Through this application you can also find out combinations of accessories, popular weapons to weapons with a high winning ratio.

 4. OP.GG (weapon prediction)

Playing PUBG Mobile fairly without relying on anyone is indeed exciting, you can be more skilled in estimating what weapons to use. But there are also beginners who want help with weapon predictions when playing so they can quickly get the Chicken Dinner. And this can be obtained with the help of the OP.GG application.

5. Additional application for pubg mobile

This application is not a cheat application that can help players cheat, because in fact the use of OP.GG is legalized by Tencent. This application will help you predict which weapons to face your opponent, as well as tell you which weapon combinations can make you have a fairly high winning ratio.

6. Fandom for PUBG (PUBG fanbase player)

A game application that is very well known throughout the world such as PUBG Mobile does have its own fan base or fanbase. Well, for those of you who want to join true fans of the PBG Mobile application, use additional PUBG Mobile applications such as Fandom for PUBG.

In this one application you can meet PUBG fans from all over the world and share the secrets of a quick Chicken Dinner. Besides that, you can also get a variety of knowledge about PUBG from this online forum.

7. Battlegrounds Advanced Graphics Tool (graphics optimization)

This additional application for PUBG Mobile was managed by Jediar Studios. Battlegrounds Advanced Graphics Tool is a tool that is used to optimize graphics, so as to upgrade the performance of the game itself. Not only that, BAGT also provides guidance regarding weapons that you can use when competing.