Rectangular Formulas and Example

The rectangular formula is a mathematical formula used to calculate the values ​​of a rectangle. Such as the area of ​​a rectangle, the perimeter of the rectangle, and so on

These rectangular formulas are very simple, and are often used to solve math problems that arise at the middle and high school levels. But it will be hard if you don't know.

And in this article, I will explain these formulas more clearly and include example questions so that you can understand them.

Definition of a Rectangle

A rectangle is a 2-dimensional shape that has 2 (two) pairs of parallel sides of the same length and has 4 (four) right angles via

You can see the shape of the rectangle in the following image, where p is the length and l is the width.

Rectangular formula

Rectangle image

Rectangular Formulas

The formula for a rectangle consists of several formula derivatives that are related to each other.

These mathematical formulas are

  • The formula for the area of ​​a rectangle
  • The formula for the perimeter of the rectangle
  • Long formula
  • The formula for the width of the rectangle, and
  • The formula for the diagonal length of a rectangle.

You can see the complete formula in the following table:

Formula Name

Area (W) W = w x w

Perimeter (K) K = 2 x (w + l)

Characteristics of Rectangles

The following are some of the characteristic features of rectangular shapes.

You need to understand this because it will really help you in solving various rectangular problems.

Has 2 pairs of parallel sides of the same length.

The longer side is called the long (p).

The shorter side is called width (l).

Has 4 right angle points (with an angle of 90 °).

Have the same diagonal.

The first image shows that the shape of the rectangle has four right angles.

While the second image shows that the rectangle has the same diagonal length.

After understanding these characteristics, you are ready to practice working on rectangular math problems.

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