How to Check and unlock iCloud Activation lock in iPhone 6, 6 plus, 7 and 7 Plus

 The ID in the cloud is the heart to access all the applications in your iPhone. You need to have an access to your cloud account in order to enjoy the complete specification of your iPhone whether it is iPhone 6, 6Plus or 7, 7Plus. Now when you purchase the iPhone the first thing was asked to create the ID in the cloud so that your phone come into running condition but this is for the one who bought it new. What if you bought the second hand phone and now you need to access the desired cloud it for the activation of your phone.

Here we share some of the tricks that can be useful in the iCloud activation lock, and also if it creates much trouble than you can remove iCloud lock and some of the best ways to check the iCloud activation lock are as follows:

• Concept Of Activation Lock:

When you want to unlock the activation lock or need to check its activation before that you have to understand the concept behind the activation lock system of the iPhone. The activation locking system of the iPhone stops all the features of the phone once it gets enabled until you put your id and password. This is the preventive system that can be used when your phone is snatched or stolen.

To check the activation system in the iPhone all you need to do is to check the setting and enable the activation lock. But if you want to unable the lock, then all you need to do is to add your id and password and turn it off.

But by doing this you have, the less security of your iPhone and anyone can use your phone without your permission. These locks just limit the access that would be beneficial for the owner.

• If You Forget The Password and ID of Your iPhone:

Luckily, there is the feature in the iPhone that will allow you to bypass or deactivate the activation lock, it is very simple and easy to perform. You can unlock the activation lock by applying the online software that is official iPhone lock removal.

By doing this your previous id can be removed and instead of that you can place the new ID of your choice. Also, this is the secure software and free to use.

• Bypassing the Activation lock Without Jail Break:

Having the jail break phone is better to use android than. So, it would be best to use an alternate software through which you can easily bypass the activation code even without the jail break. This software has also allowed the instant checking for the activation lock so that you won’t purchase the wrong plan of the software.

Having the activation lock for the iPhone 6 or 6 plus and 7 or 7 Plus is good. But, unfortunately, if you have any trouble than these are the simple and easy solutions that you can use and apply to the checking or unlocking the activation system.