What Is ExpressVPN & How Does It Work?

VPN means Virtual Private Network. It is a method that is being used to protect and secure your privacy when you are connected to any public or private networks. With the use of VPN, you can hide your IP address and you can send and receive sensitive data without worry of being hacked.

Most VPN are somehow expensive but if you have an internet connection at home or you are one of those who always want to stay connected with the use of any public network while you are in the mall, cafeteria, or at the university, investing to have a VPN will be a good step to secure your online privacy. 

There are lots of VPN products available in the market and you can even purchase some of them online. the founder of VPN Feed,releases coupon code which are available at VPN feed expressvpn coupon page 

And to give you one example of a VPN product, you may try using the ExpressVPN. Take a look at this ExpressVPN review so you will have enough idea how it works before purchasing one.

Based on their website, ExpressVPN can give its customers the following benefits:

1. Fastest speed on earth

You can watch your favourite movies and clips from anywhere you are, even when you are abroad, without any connection interruption. This is possible because ExpressVPN has an excellent signal to speed up your downloading process.

2. Online privacy

In the virtual world, one of the major problems that internet subscribers often encounter is their vulnerability to any suspicious activities done by few hackers. This is most especially for some who are not technology experts. And this is one of the major functions of VPN, just like the ExpressVPN.

3. Unblock any websites

Most probably, one of the most annoying experiences you ever had while you are searching online is ending up into a website with warning “access denied” or “this site cannot be reached.” But with ExpressVPN, you can have the ability to unblock websites or applications without censorship.

These features of ExpressVPN may sound promising but let us review the pros and cons of availing this product.


· ExpressVPN has the ability to download faster even when you are connected to any international network. This is good especially if you are travelling abroad for business purposes and you have to submit some paper works to your office.

· In the same way, if you need to send or receive confidential data into the office or vice versa, you are worry-free that no online thieves can access your file.

· It is user-friendly because the user interface is simple to understand and looks attractive. In addition, there is no hassle in using ExpressVPN because there is no log-in requirement.

· It allows P2P and BitTorrent to all servers and it works well with Netflix.

· Once you purchase the ExpressVPN, you are given a 30-day trial period and it is money-back guaranteed.

· It has servers geographically disperse in many different countries.


· ExpressVPN is expensive.

· It is not the fastest VPN available but still works in some of your downloading sessions.

· It has minimum connections logs and with limited configuration features.

If you are not sure if the network you are trying to connect is safe and secured, you should consider having a virtual private network just like the ExpressVPN. Though it does not have the fastest speed as it claims to have, it is user-friendly and hacker-free which are more important above all.