Geek Out with Home Security Gadgets

It is a fact that we all are very concern when it comes to the safety of our beloved ones. You may have collected a few things till now that are precious to you and have earned after slogging for years and don’t want to lose in any case. According to a report from FBI around two million burglaries are reported every year in the state, while some says that the homes which do not have installed security systems are 2.7 times more likely to be under attack.

These days, there are a number of security systems available in market which have become a crucial factor for home security and provide people the peace of mind even when they are at the other part of the world for vacations or office work. Here is a list of some of the highly rated alarm systems available in the market to safeguard your home sweet home:

Frontpoint Security with Full Home Automation Control

The Frontpoint security system has upgraded their equipment last year to enhance their quality and performance level among other security service providers. It is known to have an amazing customer response and reviews with some of its amazing features and competence. It comes with a three year warranty. It is easy to use and come with a touch screen panel, while its app is free on android and iOS devices.

With the help of app customers can easily connect their door locks, thermostat, cameras, etc. It comes with a 30 day money back guarantee to provide complete customer satisfaction. It is equipped with smash and crash technology because of which it automatically sends signals to emergency service when the burglar tries to disable it. Moreover, it also offers fire and carbon monoxide protection, while you can also opt for outdoor surveillance camera. It provides 24/7 live monitoring and free self setup wireless services.


This offers high grade technology automation which is continually updated and worked on. It comes with a door bell cam with which you can easily see who is at your door and respond accordingly. It offers you a lot of equipment to choose from and is meant for ones who are really interested in high tech security. It offers a Sky touch screen panel which is exclusive and only available with Vivint. However, it has high monitoring fees and the non technical customer may feel it a little complex.

ADT Monitoring + Pulse Home Automation

You may be surprised to know that around eight million people use their alarm system and is one of the most reliable security services. It offer free mobile app with which you can check notifications at any time as well as view live video feed from security cameras. Their monitoring stations are backed up by one another so that if one fails, other monitoring service situated at another location will start monitoring. It is said to be based on advanced security system depending on user needs and also provide two way user interfaces. However it offers professional installation which may cost you a few bucks, which you may not prefer to spend. They even do not update your security system unless you ask for it.

Protect America

With Protect America Security Systems, you have a number of options from which you can select one which suits you. Its platinum plan provides 14 window or door sensors, a motion detector, a panel and mobile control services and comes in $42.99. It offers self-installation which is 100 % free. It is very reliable because it is comprised of General Electric top grade equipment. There are some cool upgrades available for those who may look forward to some customization. Its monitoring services were reported to be one of the fastest to call and seen to call in under 30 seconds consistently. It offers a number of add-on features including cameras, flood sensor, GPS device and backup touch screen panel. However it is easy to be deceived by the price, this is for landline only and not very practical.