Why Hide My Ass is The Best VPN?

Internet users don’t like to get restricted for a particular content because of the geographic boundation. Some contents are available in a particular country and are restricted in others. Some internet users want to be anonymous while surfing some site while some want improved security level, some don’t want to provide their private details, some want to change their IP address etc. This is the reason that the culture of opting for virtual private network has increased in the past few years.

Virtual private network is a great medium for internet users to access content that is prohibited or barred in their geographic location, enhances the security level, allows the user to change IP address and bypass filters, share files and to get remote access. Today there are many VPN service providers but the one VPN service that surpasses the competition is HideMyAss which is totally focused on providing super efficient and easy to use VPN connection. It is one of the oldest VPN service providers and has built its reputation along the years. It has one of the simplest user-friendly interface and even an inexperienced user can get familiar with it within minutes.

There are many aspects of HideMyAss that makes it stand out of the competition. So before the test of this VPN let’s quickly have a look at some of those aspects which separates it from its counterparts:

• Unmatched server network

• Unlimited traffic

• Unlimited Server switch

• P2Pand BitTorrent allowed

• Superior performances

• Excellent encryption algorithm

• User friendliness

• Economical price

• Hidemyass Proxy List

• 5 simultaneous login

• 30-day money back guarantee

The success of every VPN depends on the number of servers it has in various countries around the globe. HideMyAss has a pretty impressive and unmatched number of servers around the globe and is growing rapidly till date. This vast network of servers allows user very incredible flexibility and they can enjoy the real purpose of having a VPN connection. So whether a user is travelling to a different country then also he can access any website around the globe.

Not only it has vast network of servers around the world but HideMyAss provides high speed connection and let the user watch several stream content without interruption. HideMyAss also provides excellent customer service and the user can Live Chat with the customer service 24/7 and there response time is also very fast. This is essential because for a VPN service that deals with privacy protection having a quick customer service is very important.

HideMyAss is very good at providing users with plethora of options like downloading, uploading, sharing files by being anonymous. Now coming to the price factor then also HideMyAss is way ahead than other VPN connection providers. It provides three subscription plans and the most convenient plan is the one year plan where a user can save 57% of the regular price. If you will look at the different price range you will get to know that HideMyAss is the most economical and advanced VPN connection provider.