Guide To The Top Instagram Apps Available

Instagram is huge and getting bigger and there are some super apps for the tool. We’re taking a look at six of the very best ones available.


If your typical Instagram content is beginning to feel quite stale, it may be time to opt for a new style. Due to the recent re-emergence of GIFs, it is now possible to add at least one or two pieces of custom content to the Instagram calendar. By adding a GIF or two to content strategy, it is possible to increase one's conversion rates by at least 103%; therefore, increasing revenue by 109%.

Unfortunately, GIFs can be quite confusing and overwhelming for the average individual, but they can be quite simple if you use the correct app. DSCO, created by VSCO, can make the creation of the GIF content quick and easy. By using DSCO you will be able to capture, edit and share the GIF directly to Instagram; as well as, Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook.


Companies such as Like4like are 10 a penny when it comes to Instagram, however these guys tend to do it the best. Like4like allows you to get likes by simply exchanging them with other people. The big thing is that the whole thing is automated, meaning you don’t have to stress too much about spending hours on Instagram. Give it a try.


The Flipagram app is highly beneficial because it allows you to capture a series of images, and then place them together to create a slideshow for Instagram. This is known as a 'photo video story'.

Using a photo video story is a simple and easy method for followers to view products without perusing photos manually. This can save time for the follower because a practical, manual photo viewing can only be viewed for only a second before it moves to the next image.


Afterlight is one of the most popular Instagram apps for the majority of social media managers because of its features. Due to the filtering, texturing, editing, and framing opportunities, it is possible for people to create high-quality photography-level images for Instagram accounts. Andrew Kunesh of the iDownloadBlog noted that this app is the one showing the best value on the App Store, especially for image capturing.


Another app that is highly recommended for Instagram usage is the Hyperlapse app. This application is similar to Layout in that it was created by Instagram itself. It differs, however, in that instead of creating collages it allows for the creation of time lapse videos. This is one of the most enjoyable features for people owning iPhone, iPad or iPod touch devices.

The time lapse video is an Instagram feature combining large numbers of still images captured over a period of time. This is useful when depicting a changing scene, such as the rising of the sun or movement of clouds. I have explored less traditional modes of creating time lapse videos previously using apps such as Triggertrap, but those apps require additional items to complete or fine-tune the procedure.

Hyperlapse, however, eliminates the complexity of configuration making this difficult procedure simple to complete on iOS. Where older apps, such as Triggertrap, need D-SLR or tripods for configuration, the Hyperlapse needs no items to achieve results.


The final app to use for Instagram is Quick. This application is a free application available for the iPod touch and iPhone. One of the most beneficial features of this item, in addition to image capturing, is the placement of stylistic text to images already placed on Instagram.

Many people find it difficult to add text on Instagram images; however, Quick provides a minimalistic option with free fonts for different image styles. Perhaps you are looking to place a slogan onto a business image - it is possible to do this without the need for payment with free, default text designs and control of the text placement on the image.