How To Open Electronic Journal

The idea of ​​publishing an electronic magazine comes to mind for many writers. This form of content delivery in the key differs from maintaining a regular blog or website. The very essence of the magazine implies a kind of "squeeze out" of standard materials, a layout that is not peculiar to the design of sites. Such a magazine is best published in the format of PDF, which, if desired, the reader can convert from PDF to Word. An electronic journal should have the same elements and the same format as any printed one:

  1. Presence of the main page with announcements.
  2. Output data and editorial information.
  3. Presence of permanent headings.
  4. Magazine page design - the text should be mixed with illustrations, graphics, quotes, etc.
  5. A single graphic style - from headers and footers to the author's signature.

At the same time, the electronic version of the publication has significant advantages over the printed one:

  • The publication of a paper magazine is associated with a large number of production costs, while at the same time there is practically no cost to produce and distribute an electronic magazine (with the exception of payment for editorial work);
  • For the publication of an electronic magazine requires much fewer people - in the team enough editor, proofreader, designer (layout maker) and two or three full-time journalists, the rest can be recruited from time to time as outsources - for example, accountants or copywriters;
  • Unlimited number of readers - regular subscribers.
  • The possibility of using non-standard content: in the printed version, at least interactive - only pictures and text, in the electronic version you can add video, slide shows, interactive tests, etc.
  • The ability to use hyperlinks - from the text of the electronic version you can go to any site or page of the same publication.
  • the high quality of images.
  • Possibility to convert from non editable format to editable, it means convert from PDF to Doc.
  • The possibility of placing an unlimited number of pages, including uneven pages (in the usual edition, the number of pages is always a multiple of 4, which makes it necessary to adjust the material for its lack or excess).

This reduces the cost of advertising and subscription. Subscriptions in the usual sense of the word simply do not exist and to advertise the publication it is enough to apply SEO and SMM which are traditionally cheaper in comparison with other advertising channels and give a good effect in the long term.