Four Critical Technology Advancements in Business Management to Help Your Business Stay in Shape

There’s more to great business ideas and concepts than just trying to get a step ahead of your competition. And guess what, you might be surprised to find out that technology can play a critical role in taking your business to the next level.

A lot of businesses today are adapting to modern technology and for very good reasons. A high-profile survey involving IT consulting companies in VA and throughout the United States revealed that 62% of businesses are using cloud-based services.

On top of that, another 41% have plans to increase technology spending with a primary focus on the Internet of Things (IoT ) and mobile payments platforms. Main reasons for the process migration is advanced technologies have been proven to be more reliable, easy to access and are more secure.

Guess what, you don’t need to look down on the little guys with their small business, because the majority of them are the ones who have embraced the call of the times and are taking good advantage of business solutions technologies.

Whether it’s a Virginia Beach IT services company or a clothing retail store, the extent of modern technology knows no limits.

Mobile Applications and Payment Platforms

One of the most significant and highly beneficial advancements for businesses is the development of dynamic mobile applications for business and payment systems that have revolutionized business processes.

A recent report by CNBC revealed that mobile apps save small business employees 725 million work hours per year. Another report by infotech company Constant Contact reported that 66% of small business owners rely on mobile devices to manage operations.

Cloud Technology

Cloud technology has taken versatility and flexibility to a whole new level. Your business could highly benefit from cloud services because based on recent statistics, 92% of small businesses use some form of cloud computing for their business.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine-Learning Capabilities

Today’s AI technology allows operational workplace processes to take on a smart approach and “learning” to further enhance and improve processes in the long run. AI can help improve business processes and eliminates errors.

An admirable feature of AI is the capability of providing a diagnostic and analytical system that provide the best solutions to problems. 


Automated business processes take on the repetitive tasks of its human counterparts and can perform beyond the limits of human capability.

Increased productivity is by far one of the biggest benefits out of automation, for instance, a standard 8-hour workday can be extended by automation to meet increasing business demands and enhance supply chain efficiency.