7 Top Features of Microsoft Office You Should Know

Microsoft Office is one of the most popular office suite programs that contain a bunch of applications to make your office works easier. As you already know, it takes care of all your official works ranging from word processing, presentations, and spreadsheets to mailing, scripting and so on. In short, Microsoft Office is the complete package of the office management tools you need to run your business smooth and speedily. 

Here are 7 Top Features of Microsoft Office You Should Know before your proceed to buy and download Microsoft Office for your home, school, or business. Let’s get started!

1. Write Like a Pro on Microsoft Word

As a professional, you might know the worth of writing a business mail, proposal, or report, right? On Microsoft Word, you not only can correct the spelling errors but also choose the most appropriate words for the context, check grammatical issues and fix them on the go, and so on to make your business communication more efficient. On top of that, you can password protect and encrypt your confidential documents to prevent misuse and business threat.

2. Keep Your Accountings Updated with Microsoft Excel

Do you have to track your earning and expenses on a regular basis? You will not have to do the same thing over and over now! There are Macros, VBA Scripts to automate your accountings. Now, you just need to command through the script and get your work done automatically. Yes, you read it right! You will have fun while the script will generate daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly reports by its own. Sounds crazy, Huh?

3. Take Your Ideas to the Next Level with Microsoft PowerPoint

Say goodbye to your age old and boring slide presentations! Animate your ideas and impress your investors, shareholders, business partners, colleagues, and take your career or business to the next level with just a few clicks. Now, you can add smart art objects, shape, and images, dynamic animations, and even sound clips to give life to your presentation and charm your audience and rock on the presentation session.

4. Design Your Database Effortlessly with Microsoft Access

As the name hints, you will have access to organize and manage the most important information, sort them according to your requirements for analysis and reporting. And surprisingly, you will do all these things with the least possible effort with the latest Microsoft Access. Moreover, you will be able to import, export, and publish data more effortlessly than ever before. Ready templates and custom script option to create, customize, and publish your data with minimal effort.

5. Make Your Business Communication More Efficient with Microsoft Outlook

With the latest version of Microsoft Outlook, you can add a new dimension to your business communication right now! Save the quick parts you require too frequent, use them with a single click, later on, schedule mail, set auto reply, add your custom signature, attach documents and share them securely. You can ask your colleagues for attending meetings; even track who are attending and who are not with the new Microsoft Outlook.

6. Share All Your Office Files

One of the leading features of the latest office suit is the sharing option that you will surely love. Along with creating, customizing, and formatting your official documents, now you can share them in real time in the cloud with other stuff of your organization.

7. Document Collaborations Made Easy

On the cloud, you can ask and allow your co-author as well as anyone else from your company or outside the company to collaborate. You can add one or more person to help you on the project. Besides, you can chat with the editors who are working on the project and tell them your remarks in real time.

What more do you require to keep your business on track? Buy and download Microsoft Office right now and enjoy all the amazing features of the latest Microsoft Office suit.