Did we mention it's Life Insurance Awareness Month?

Life insurance can be a difficult subject to talk about.  After all, it is an emotional subject that touches us all in some fashion.  But being difficult is not a reason to ignore it. 

I could go into all sorts of statistics about how people are un-insured or under-insured, but none of those statistics actually matter.  What matters is your unique situation!  Have you taken the time to consider what you need and why you need it? 

As I mentioned above, life insurance can be emotional.  Think about what you want to accomplish: providing for family, paying off debt and paying for education are a few common items.  Now that you have a goal you can work on figuring how much insurance you want to buy and how that figures into your budget. 

As an independent insurance agent, I have dozens of life insurance companies at my disposal.  How does this help you?  Some may be more favorable towards chewing tobacco or vaping than others.  Some may have more lenient health requirements or maybe are better price-wise if you aren’t in your prime anymore.  : )  Life insurance doesn’t have to break your budget, and I’m here to help.  Please call or stop by my office and we can talk about what is best for you!

Tim Robeson – Agent

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