Teton Therapy

The 5 Steps of Physical Therapy 

(Fremont County, Wyo.) - For some folks, the idea of entering into a physical therapy or occupational therapy program can seem overwhelming or maybe even confusing. What exactly is physical therapy and occupational therapy? How much time will I have to commit to a program? How much will it cost? Is this the right option for me?

Teton Therapy is available to help answer these questions, and to help support patients every step of the way.

Step 1: Come in for a free consultation

  • Every Teton Therapy location offers free consultations to the community. This is a one-on-one appointment with a licensed physical therapist or occupational therapist.f you have questions about a pain you're experience or if you have questions about how PT and OT might help you, call and schedule your free consultation. 

Step 2: Arrive for your Initial Evaluation

  • If you or a doctor determine that PT or OT would be beneficial, it’s time to set up your first appointment, also called your “Initial Evaluation.” Your evaluation will be a full hour, one-on-one with your therapist. You’ll discuss the issue at hand and your therapist will set up an individual therapy program for you.

Step 3: How much will PT or OT cost?

  • The cost of PT and OT varies from person to person. Our super skilled accounts and billing staff are available to explain your benefits to you in detail. You can call them or meet with them in person. 
  • Teton Therapy makes sure you understand your benefits before you begin your therapy program.

Step 4: Begin your program

  • Our professional and caring therapy staff will be there with you every minute of your journey to help you and encourage you. 
  • Our staff is always available for any questions or concerns you have, whether you’re in the clinic or not. We’re just a phone call away.

Step 5: Graduation!

  • When your doctor, your therapist, and you determine that you are well enough, it’s time for you to graduate! You will have finished a whole program of therapy and can now get back to doing the important things in life. 
  • We will miss you, but it’s always our pleasure to see patient return to activities happier and healthier! 
  • If further down the road you start to experience troubles, or if something new comes up, we are just a phone call away. And remember—a consultation is always free!

No matter what questions you may have about physical and occupational therapy, the staff at Teton Therapy is here to help you out. Contact us at our Riverton office at 307-857-7074 or our Lander office at 307-332-2230, or visit our website!