The Art of Selling Online on Shopify Competitors Websites

The Art of Selling Online on Shopify Competitors Websites

You made the first step to creating your own business online. The next one will be tougher and will require some answers to very important questions.

·         Creating a Shopify competitor website of your store

It shouldn’t be obligatory you who has to create your online store website. Lots of other ways to do that exist, and they are quite cheap and quick. There are many Shopify competitors platforms which can help you, like for instance Shopping Cart Elite company. They will help you create a unique design, make it functional, produce a catalogue of your products, install a shop cart, choose system of payment and make the ordering process from your site easier.

At the initial stage you are going to be a constant participator of the process, when choosing layout of page, color palette, fonts and pictures and images. Shopify competitors platforms make it available for their clients to create their own logos and make a unique background.

·         Your website design challenge

As a rule, when starting business, Shopify competitors companies have already got their own websites. There is an unspoken rule for all websites – a website design and the company logo should comply in color and be according to each other. Design templates are provided by Shopify competitors platforms.

·         Payment system

There are lots of systems of payment, and it’s up to you to decide which one you would like to work with. For instance, well-known payment system WebPay, or BePaid, and etc. each payment system has its own pros and cons, so study them carefully.

Don’t forget that your customers may prefer pay for the product not only with credit cards, but also using cash or virtual money. That is why it is vital to place necessary information on your site about payment methods and options. And remind your customers about bank  charges when making payment transactions.

·         Customer service

Your first and foremost task when working with clients is to respond quickly and practically at once. To be efficient with this task, choose an appropriate Shopify competitors commercial platform that is dealing with management system of working with customers. It will make it easier for you to document and arrange intercommunication between customers and sellers, meaning complaints, contacts, purchases, and etc. To be always online and ready to work with the customer, use effective and available tools, such as online chats.

·         Delivery cost

It will be simpler and more accurate for both of you – a seller and a person purchasing your product or service – to have a delivery cost in a carrier’s responsibility. One more useful tip: think about possibility of free delivery, if a buyer purchases some certain amount of the product.

·         How to create high-quality images of products and descriptions to them?

Internet buyers cannot touch, feel or smell your goods, so the first thing to do is to pick up a delectable and quality image for each product. There are two ways to take good pictures: hire a professional photographer, or do everything yourself. To do this, you need: an 8-or more-megapixel digital camera, enough light and a special box (lightbox). Such box is a container, like a tent, with a few light bulbs (usually used by professional photographers to get well-lit objects).

The description of the product should be concise, but with enough interesting details that will attract buyers’ attention. Use adjectives and phrases that, when read, cause positive emotions. But do not go far from the point. Specify not only the price of the goods, but also its size, as well as other characteristics.

Remember, the more time a user will spend on the site, the more likely the purchase is.

Sales on the Internet: where to start?

Online sales today are in great demand, therefore, more and more Shopify competitors entrepreneurs want to develop in this direction. Creating your online store now is very simple. Some time back ago it was necessary to hire a team of professionals to make a marketing strategy and create business online, but today a simple Shopify alternative website can be created by everyone who is ambitious enough. Before you start development of your website it is important to determine which sales on Internet are the most simple and convenient for beginners. So, how to choose the best product?

·         Compactness

Sales on Internet are best to start with small goods. Large products entail a number of problems: it is necessary to look for large warehouses, hire loaders, and rent transport. With small products, it's all much easier to organize.

·         The Shopify alternative product must have a high margin

Beginners in Internet business should focus on products that have a high margin. Of course, it's tempting to trade with mobile phones and tablets, but such products have a margin of 5-10%, which is not profitable at low revs.

·         It's best to choose expensive products

In order to make a profit that covers expenses, for instance, tea spoons must be sold in wholesale boxes. At the initial stage, it is almost impossible to achieve this, so inexpensive goods at the start do not cover even costs of creating a business. That's why Shopify competitors experts advise to start selling on Internet with expensive products.

·         Interesting new items

Any novelty will become a good Shopify alternative product for sales on Internet; they have to be difficult to compare with something else. Identical goods, such as electronics or household appliances, are too easy to compare. A buyer can find many Shopify competitors websites, compare prices and choose the most favorable conditions. It would be better if you deal with the sale of unique goods.

·         The Shopify competitors product should not lose money quickly

In the beginning of creating online business it is not necessary to sell products that are rapidly depreciating. This is due to the fact that the first purchase will last for too long and instead of profit an owner will receive only expenses. Any electronics loses about 25% in the price every six months, so you should not rely on it when choosing a Shopify alternative product.

Particular attention should be paid to the market. An optimal option is if market niche and goods are chosen in such a way that you can work exclusively. Absence of competition with Shopify competitors will allow you to sustain required price and achieve an optimal level of profitability.

Product selection rules

In order to start a Shopify competitors online store, you must first determine what you will sell, find the right product or service. This is especially critical if you have limited funds: each mistake can be fatal. Launching various Shopify competitors Internet projects with trial and error, form the basic rules for this choice. They are quite obvious, but, nevertheless, at start, lots of new entrepreneurs make mistakes.

A good supplier is a must. The specific character of Internet trading is that you often take goods from the supplier to the buyer's order. A buyer can refuse to buy, can’t he? For example, a person orders 10 spoons, $5 each, and then changes his mind to buy them. If a supplier does not take these spoons back, then you will have big problems: you have in your warehouse 10 unnecessary spoons, and therefore, frozen working capital. That is why it is very important to find a supplier who, firstly, takes goods back without problems; secondly, is ready to sell a spoon at a dealer's price; and thirdly, he accepts various forms of payment.

Calling things as they are, you should look for such Shopify competitors goods and niche where you can work almost exclusively. It is lack of competition that will allow you to keep the right price and achieve necessary level of profitability so that the mistakes you made (and they cannot be missed at the start) would not ruin your Shopify competitors company.

Monopoly can be temporary and exist within a very limited range of goods or in a small consumer segment, but it should be precisely a monopoly. Starting a Shopify competitors business in a highly competitive segment is the right path to bankruptcy, especially if you start your business from scratch.