The Exclusive Auto Spa Provides Solutions to Your Vehicle

A common question that most car owners ask is how often they should get their car detailed. The answer depends on various factors such as how frequently they drive the car, how far they drive it, how and where they store it when it is not being used, how frequently it is washed, and many more. A car that is only driven on the weekends will not be detailed as often as a car that is driven daily and commutes at long distances. As a general rule of thumb, it is best you get your car detailed at least twice a year to assure that it is in good condition. You want to have a protected paint job and the interior surfaces to not get soiled by dirt and other debris. In order to get this done, you want to hire professional and affordable auto detailing in Raleigh, NC.

The Exclusive Auto Spa is a locally owned and operated business that is in demand for their excellent auto detailing services. Their team specializes in the latest detailing technology, and they pay the finest attention to detail. Because they aim for the highest standards in both customer service and superior auto detailing service, finding top talent and skills to better serve their customers is not easy. To this day, they are always trying new methods and products to ensure their customers the best price and results for their vehicles. 

The Exclusive Auto Spa is a trusted Raleigh car detailing company with certified, licensed and insured technicians. With over a combination of 15 years of experience, from washing to paint correction, to bringing your car back to life and its original state, you are guaranteed of the best results. They also offer mobile services wherein all you need to do is set up a schedule that best works for you. They will come to your home or office and meticulously clean, polish, and protect your vehicle wherever you are, eventually helping you save up some time. While your car is being detailed by their team, you can be doing more important things or just spend quality time with your loved ones. Their friendly technicians will go out of their way to accommodate your needs so they can get the job done as soon as possible.

They offer their customers different packages that fit different needs and budget. These include the express wash, the deluxe, the ultimate shine, the elite, the exclusive, and the extreme (interior detail) packages. They offer fleet service which is best for businesses whether you have a car dealership or a fleet of buses and trucks. A good first impression for your moving advertisements is important, especially because you do not want to send out the wrong message. Their team specializes in fast, efficient, and affordable cleaning and corporate services to ensure that your company cars, vans or trucks are always looking their best.

For additional services, they can add them to any chosen package or it can be charged separately. A few of these additional services include headlight restoration, odor removal, engine cleaning, shield or fabric protection, rain repellent glass treatment, carpet and floor mats fiber shampooing, leather conditioning, paint sealant protection, and scratch removal. Additional charges may also be applied for excessive pet hair, bugs, interior molds/smells, and other unforeseen extreme conditions. Their prices range from $30 to $75. 

When it comes to auto detailing, there is a value benefit for having both the interior and exterior of your vehicle serviced at the same time. Not to mention, it will leave your entire car looking and smelling as good as new. Road salt, road debris, loose gravel, construction, and other hazards for your vehicle’s well being is The Exclusive Auto Spa’s main priority for their exterior detailing solutions. Nothing feels better than being behind the wheel when your vehicle is working at its finest, clean and refreshing. 

The Exclusive Spa’s goal is to take a time consuming and energy draining task off your shoulders. They will take care of it for you and your vehicle through their excellent auto detailing in Raleigh, NC. Their professional and courteous team will listen to your needs and wishes and get the job done at an affordable price. You can call them for a free estimate at 919-265-8898. And for additional information, visit their website at http://www.theexclusiveautospa.com.